Long-Time Volunteer and Donor Ruth Davidson Steers Her 75th Birthday Gifts to Flushing Adult Learner Program

I’m Ruth Davidson, a longtime fellow supporter and donor of Queens Library. For over 8 years, I have served as a volunteer teacher at the Flushing Adult Learning Center. From the beginning, my goal has been to inspire and help transform the lives of my students. Truthfully, the idea of being able to directly touch the lives of people simply filled me with great joy. Working at the Adult Learning Center has enabled me to provide my students with a nurturing environment, where they each feel confident and motivated to succeed. It is exactly this kind of impact that I yearned for.

Looking back at my years of work, I had the thought to do something special and unique for my 75th birthday. As it rapidly approached, I knew this would be the year to do something that would have a significant effect on others, rather than it being about me. Shortly after, I began this crusade by rounding up a group of my closest and dearest friends. I enlisted their support by encouraging them to participate in the Buy-a-Book campaign. The Buy-a-Book program provides people with the opportunity to bring in much needed new books into their community libraries---all the while having the option of getting a commemorative bookplate in honor or memory of a loved one. By doing so, instead of bestowing gifts upon me, they would make a donation in my honor with proceeds going directly towards the Adult Learning Center. In this regard, their “gifts” would be creating a lasting legacy for all future generations to enjoy. The outpouring of my friends’ support was incredible, leaving me quite speechless. As a retired English teacher, I know first-hand the desires to have new books readily available. And in this case, the addition of new books with special book plates honoring my birthday on the shelves of my Center; meant that my students would be able to benefit tremendously from these new materials. They would learn to read, write and assimilate further into this society.

I am deeply honored and proud to form part of such an exceptional library system. Hopefully through my story, I will set an example and encourage others to make a difference within their own communities. Beyond a volunteer, mentor and coach, I am delighted to be a member of the extended family of the Queens Library Foundation.


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