If you have already made, or are considering making a gift to Queens Library, it’s likely that your values are aligned with those of the Library, and you believe these values should be preserved for the future. Queens Library believes that:

  • Free access to information and knowledge is indispensable to the development of human potential, the advancement of civilization, and the continuance of an enlightened democracy.
  • All Library users should have rapid and comprehensive access to knowledge and information, regardless of their age, ethnicity or status.
  • Queens Library is an active partner in the development and implementation of technology to ensure that access to knowledge and information will be equitably available to all.
  • The Library encourages, recognizes and rewards the creativity, productivity and individual responsibility of our customers and our employees.

If these our values resonate with you, and you want to see them preserved – please consider making an endowment or planned gift in support of the Queens Library.

When you invest in the future of the Library, you invest in the future of our nation, its children, and all those, of whatever economic and social background, who seek a better life through education and enlightenment.

An endowment gift guarantees the future of your most cherished Library programs and services, providing untold benefits to future generations of library users, just like that of Andrew Carnegie, whose century old endowments are the foundation of our public library system

You can recognize family members while living or create a permanent memorial to a loved one through a gift of $50,000 or more to the Queens Library Foundation. The donation can be made at one time or through a multiyear pledge.

The principal of the endowment will be retained, and the funds earned each year through investment will be spent on the purpose for which you established the endowment.

I want to be contacted by Queens Library Foundation about making an endowment foundation@queenslibrary.org

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