Fundraiser Helps Raise 1,000 New Voices

On December 9th, Queens Library Foundation presents, "Raise 1,000 Voices" to support the expansion of adult literacy classes offered by the library.

Queens Library is proud to serve as the largest provider of free English instruction for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in the borough, serving over four thousand non-English speaking residents in 2014.  

Although these vital programs are funded primarily through public grants, Queens Library was forced to turn away more than one thousand people due to a lack of funding.  

We Don't Want to Turn Any More People Away!

Queens Library provides services, resources, and life-long learning opportunities to the changing communities of Queens. We offer Adult Learning Resources for students and educators, including the ESOL Referral List; Learn to Read programs and activities for beginning to mid-level adult readers; and Pre-HSE Classes for adults who speak English and want to improve their reading and math skills in preparation for HSE classes.

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