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Marquee Programs


Private philanthropy helps Queens Library to provide life-long learning opportunities, beginning with our youngest—early learners and school-aged children. Queens Library Foundation is thankful for the generosity of our growing community of donors which comprises individuals, corporations and foundations.

Funding from these sources has made programs such as STACKS, our after-school enrichment program, possible and unique to Queens Library.

STACKS Enrichment Program: Queens Library’s after-school programming plays a vital role in the lives of hundreds of families throughout the borough. The Library has a tradition of offering free, high-quality after-school programming—and is continuing that important work through its new STACKS program. STACKS offers students a welcoming environment to complete homework and engage in hands-on enrichment activities, expanding their knowledge beyond the confines of the classroom.

STACKS operates every day after school, 3– 6 pm, serving students throughout Queens. During the first hour, children receive assistance with their homework and school projects; during this time they may be guided in the use of the Library’s vast print and electronic resources. In the second and third hours, children participate in a wide range of fun-filled learning activities. The benefits of the new STACK program include:

a) is enrollment based (versus drop-in) which provides a better opportunity to monitor student progress; and b) students participate in multi-day experiential learning projects, aimed at improving their research, presentation and group work skills, as well as increase their affinity toward--and use of—the Library.


Recent Corporate Partners Champion After-School Programming through Investment in STACKS

Colgate-Palmolive continues its long-time support of the Library’s after-school programming. Funding over the years has helped the Library deliver exceptional programs to hundreds of youth across Queens. Children have had opportunities to receive homework instruction from dedicated staff that have helped youngsters achieve their educational goals. And now, with the newly redesigned program, youth will have even greater opportunities to strengthen their skills and affinity toward the Library.

The Investors Foundation has made a first-time gift to support the STACKS program at the Lefferts Community Library. The gift helps support staffing and a myriad of programs for local youth. Since children’s programming is among the most popular at Queens Library, such funding is vital to continue offering free after-school programming.

Queens Library Foundation is delighted to be partnering with Colgate-Palmolive and Investors Foundation, both of whom share our commitment to education and youth development.

If you are interested in supporting STACKS or other programs, click here for more information.

Your Gift Can Make a Big Difference by... Expanding Opportunities

Queens is the most diverse county in the United States. We take our diversity seriously. We offer all customers a dizzying array of educational and informational services and programs that can help them to overcome barriers to education and economic success.

Library staff work to identify both the longstanding and the evolving needs of customers, but we depend upon private philanthropy to underwrite innovate responses.

Private and foundation gifts support citizenship workshops for New Americans, borough-wide College Fairs, internship programs for youth, adult learning programs, and an online job readiness assessment tool to name just a few.

The impact of these programs on residents and the library community are significant.

With 62 locations throughout the borough, no Queens resident is more than a mile away from a community library. Each community library operates as a social, cultural, and educational neighborhood anchor; one in which the staff, program, and collections reflect and enhance the special needs and interests of its customers. While public funds pay for most new construction (including a start-up book collection), capital improvements and renovations, private donations can transform a good library space into a powerful place.

Donations can be targeted for special equipment, program materials, decorative items, outdoor furniture plantings and of course new books. You can endow a room or a building! Or make a “Buy-A-Book” donation your gift makes a huge difference.

Beyond the bricks and mortar, Queens Library is defined by its high-profile and high-impact programming, made possible largely through private gifts & grants. Our "Marquee" Programs combine the Library's rich collection, its community focus, and our borough's incredible diversity to create award-winning programs. Daily we reach out into our community to educate, celebrate, and inspire the thousands of people in Queens.